This post is inspired by memories in College…
The place is Intramuros and its just nice to look back.
Its just so great to see how this place did not grow old and still alive..
This place has just a special place in my heart.


It has been a very fun college years i had… I studied nursing and to my surprise i did graduate… I never liked or not my dream to be a nurse but i think faith has brought m into this beautiful profession…

Yes im a licensed nurse but i wasnt able to practice it primarily because it is not financially practical to do so… I was able to provide myself with basic needs right now and im happy for that….


Education has brought alot of things in my life…
Many are struggling nowadays and its hard to relax and just sit at home and not do anything…
I learned to independent and be who I am…


It is a journey that I enjoyed and its worth it…
I earned alot of friends and memories…
It has brought me alot of memories that are worth sharing….


I learned how to appreciate time…
Sometimes you wish you can turn back time and talk to everyone you havent talk to..
Its just so sweet to REMINISCE….

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