Skin Products

your face is probably one of the features that one person would normally notice first when meeting the person for the first time… so im sharing you this blog post which tell what skin products kinda work for me. it doesnt mean this will work for you but you might consider trying them…


First on the list is this Mary Kay Botanical Effects Facial Wash. I usually buy this from my co-worker who happens to be a Mary Kay distributor and hola! I lurve it! It has this very mild approach on your skin and really makes you feel so refresh. I think ive always been a fan of mild products when it comes to my face, I also use Cetaphil before but this Mary Kay Facial Wash is just better. Its a little too pricey though, around 500-600 pesos but you can probably use this for 2-3 months depends on how you often you will use it.
Next is my Master Facial Cleanser which I think that all men should have in their “kikoy” kit. Especially if you are a busy person or dont have time to wash your face or you dont really wash your face =) i think having this on your bag really is an essential. If you have an oily skin just like mine i would suggest getting this cleanser or any kind of cleanser so you can remove dirt easily.
Just like what i mentioned im a fan of natural and mild products so this one kinda part of my list. This is Tea Tree facial wash from Body Shop. It is very mild and after using it you look really fresh! It is very mild so you can use it like multiple times. Price is reasonable you can buy it around 600 pesos considering how big the bottle is and the idea that tea tree is healthy on your skin.

Part of my list is the Kojic Acid Soap which probably has alot of variants now because of popularity. Now I dont normally use this on my face because I think the ingredients are too strong it will destroy the outer layer of my skin in my face but others use it on their face. I use this on my body especially for those areas that are dark and it can remove some itches as well. I dont normally use this when I go out especially when its sunny due to an article Ive read that it might cause your skin to be a little darker     , try using regular soap.


The last on my list is the Johnsons Baby Bath Milk. It is very mild and it leaves that baby like skin, soft, smooth and it also smells really good. I normally use this if im really in a hurry going to work it just easy to rinse or if im taking a shower before going to sleep. And since this is Milk you dont have to worry about some chemicals damaging your skin and I think  it is proven to lighten your skin.

So there you go! Those are my skin essentials I hope it does help you in any other way! Thanks guys!

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