Photo Editing Apps

Hi! I just wanna share some of the coolest photo editing apps out there that seems to be taken the place of some of the famous photo editing software like Photoshop and the likes. These apps has pave the way for some bloggers and “netizens” to post their pictures as if taken by a professional photographers. There are themes that are just awesome and it is customizable.


First on the list is VSCO. I just discovered this app lately and i find it really amazing! Especially the black and white themes wherein you can customize based on exposure. If you don’t like the current themes you can purchase themes in the store which the price i think is reasonable enough. I havent purchase any but i think if i purchase one it would really be worth it. They also have a community that share the same interests, you can share your post and connect with different people there. I think this app is still growing and whenever there are new themes they would always send you a notification on your email. Recently they launch this VSCO Original, Academy, it is a place for photographers of all levels to learn, be inspired, and engage in the art of photography.


Part of my list is Snapseed, this photo editing app i think is a must download app for all who reallly love taking pictures. Aside from letting you edit your favorite pictures it also lets you edit like a professional photographer.


You have these menus — Tools and Filters that i think is very useful and very unique as an app. If you look at the filter you will see there are alot of filters to choose from and you can try every single one of them before choosing the right filter. For white background photos i strongly recommend this app especially if you wanted to really make it white. The tools i use on my photos with white background is the Selective tool wherein you can make it really really white if you want to. I would probably need to make a video next time so i can show you how i edit my photos on this app.


This is not a photo editing app but a photo sharing app but i think Instagram has really put a very concise filters and tools on their menu. Many brands have build a following on Instagram and i think this is really a good platform for photographers and bloggers. Ive known famous bloggers and photographers who have really been successful with Instagram and i think Instagram has really been a huge help to promote their brand. In terms of the themes, I think Instagram has more themes compared to VSCO. Their themes are more interesting! The tools are more concise and is very easy to use.

There you go these are the photo editing apps i normally used. If you know any apps not included please comment below. Thanks!


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