20 Hilarious (And At Times Disturbing) Face Swaps That’ll Have You Laughing

It sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie, but face swapping is real…

…at least, it is for people who have a smartphone and the appropriate app (Snapchat or Face Swap Live).

Sometimes the results are pretty boring, other times, they’re absolutely hilarious…and then there are those times when things are just plain freaky. Check these out…

1. Pure terror.

2. This should just never be allowed to happen.

3. I really wish the tattoos had transferred, too.

4. I’ve decided…grown men and babies should never be allowed to do this.

5. More proof.

6. Sitting on Santa’s lap is already scary enough.

7. Well, this is my nightmare.

8. How does this even happen?

9. Look at the tire’s rim!

10. This is just all of the terrible.

11. How does a pregnant belly register as a face?

12. Cat eyes are cool…until you put them on a human face.

13. Hand? Nah, that’s definitely a face.

14. Scariest costume? Face swap for the win.

15. I mean, that chicken’s hot factor went up…the woman terrifies me, though.

16. This makes me want to cry, too.

View post on imgur.com

17. Then there are people who just take to Photoshop for face swaps…this is genius.

18. Family holiday cards have to be horrible. It’s the law.

19. I really want to do this with my dog now.

20. YES.


All of these are equal parts horrible, hilarious, and just plain awesome.

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