16 Things Only People Who Love To Travel Will Understand

Anyone who has caught the travel bug will know they are doomed.

Doomed to spend the rest of their days in adventure that is for what could be better than trying out new foods, meeting people from radically different cultures, and exploring awe-inspiring places?

Exactly nothing, thats what. Yep, travelling is pretty awesome. And here are a few things only the intrepid explorers among you will identify with.

#1. You plan your next trip while youre in the middle of one.


If you could, youd probably never go home.

#2. You constantly daydream about your next trip.


Thinking about where to go is half the fun.

#3. If its a place youve never heard of, its a place you want to go to.


Comfort zone? Whats that?

#4. Your list of places keeps growing, and growing.


Its officially out of control.

#5. Youve mastered airport security…



Like a boss.

#6. …And the art of packing.


Carry-ons, all the way. Aint nobody got time to wait for baggage claim.

#7. You get unreasonably sad if customs doesnt stamp your passport.


Please, could you just make an exception this time?

#8. Jet lag doesnt affect you out as much as it does other people.


You cant remember the last time your body ever stuck to a single time zone for more than a few months.

#9. You live for finding that off-the-beaten track not in the guide books.


There is nothing quite like the feeling of being a daring, intrepid explorer.

#10. Youve trained your stomach to take anything.


Your hunger knows no bounds, and local delicacies are your crack.

#11. You get an alert on your phone whenever plane tickets are on sale.


It makes you happier than christmas presents.

#12. Your emergency savings are more accurately, your travel savings.


A spiritual retreat to an ashram in India can be considered an emergency, right?

#13. Youve even made some financial compromises to save up for future trips.


Because youd rather starve yourself in your own country than starve in a foreign country.

#14. You dont wait around for other people to make travel plans.


You relish the solitude and freedom of travelling alone.

#15. But you know that travelling with a friend is pretty awesome too.


There are just some people in your life that are worth the extra baggage.

#16. Ultimately, everywhere feels like home to you.


Because this big, blue, beautiful planet belongs to all of us.


16 Things Only People Who Love To Travel Will Understand

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