Hi!my name is Noli, I’m an aspiring photographer and this website is all about things that interest me and also to showcase my work. I’m on this pre-production phase thing so if you find it messy please forgive me!

What are the things you will find on my website:

1. Photography you’ve probably think i would say above average. Just kidding! Im studying digital photography and kind of transitioning to professional photography so my photos currently are not edited full time but in the most part you will like it.

2. Products I used and would sometimes would give reviews. These products dos not sponsored my website to do this but these ideas are worth sharing.

3. Places. These places are places you’ve never been here in Manila or you probably have an idea and haven’t had the time to visit.

4. Personal. Personal ideas that inspire me and would like to share to my readers.

5. Grooming Ideas and Fashion. I’m really a fan of grooming and fashion bloggers and would like to get into it. I dunno i feel like i have a lot to learn but since it is getting more views i would probably include this to my overall content.

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